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I am with tights

I always have a can not get rid of the idea that always wanted to wear tights. Summer I go for a run , I often wore tight black pants piece . One day, I saw a custom corset club can help me when my heart was pounding with excitement , I decided to buy a suit of my own body tights , in accordance with the requirements of the site, I first number with a soft tape measure body , then send me an email to tell each other the size , address, and want to sky blue. Remittances day out week after I got home from the company , holding hands aunt downstairs communities like the size of a book party general post office boxes . Signed , I felt my heart pounding with excitement once again , grab pen in hand trembling. From downstairs, two minutes walk home feeling a lot of time to slow down , I can not wait to open it immediately burst into the room . Just recently parents travel to Hainan , and I put the carton into the living room table , look , this case does not have any particular , the post office is the kind of common uniform size small cartons. Postmarks from outside the box look, this box from China ‘s Inner Mongolia, so far , nobody knows what to do . I can not wait to open the box. Inside , there is a blue plastic bag filled with clothes , compression is very small, but very well folded . I put the clothes open , to see and what I see on the website , like soft fabric , elastic good, Lycra is not the same , than I feel much better piece of spandex shorts and shiny and better , I have this there dress hats, gloves and socks , and are linked together , head to the lower back part has a strong zipper, oh , or double zipper , so they can effortlessly taut. I opened the cable handle from the sleeve into it, wear gloves to test, ha ha , I feel good, just right , a little sense of tension . Moment, I made a decision immediately , is the first one bath , and then put it on.

Hurried shower , with a towel to dry the water body, I came to the bedroom , the clothes start looking at this dress , I could not help up and excited when my hand touch it , I felt so good actually ! Imagine this dress will give all my produce mild skin is very soft and light pressure . Very pleasant feeling . Really, it was very enjoyable ! My hands began to tremble with excitement , and I sat on the bed , first put a swimming shorts , began to wear tights , and although no one at home , but I do not know why so nervous , respiratory thicker , the heart also in the pound jump , I put one leg into it , leveled , followed by the other leg , wow , good tight skin to produce a tight and pressure, then stood up, put the clothes on both sides , pull up , has been pulled chest, put a hand into the sleeve , wear gloves , and then the other hand also wear gloves , pull exhibition , his hands pulled up the hat , pull up , put caps in, ah , well comfortable Well, I am excited is worse , after two back over the back, Lala Suo , the following cable head pull up , has been pulled out of reach , this time the lower body and abdomen immediately felt kind of gentle pressure , followed by two hand overhead cable pull down , cable has been pulled and the following encounter , nice ah , my body this time completely into a new ideal of paradise , every inch of skin body have had pressure , but the pressure is so people comfortable , like make people think , neck and head does not have to be gently wrapped tightly , let cool to the extreme , not because they feel cold , but still could not help shivering , clothes elastic really big, breathing very smooth, very smooth flavor you can call out from the front of the mouth and nose, suck , this very happy and enjoyable experience really difficult language to express.

A few days ago the passion really fantastic experience , I have a urge to wear something , so I order two pieces , one yellow , one white , afternoon before dinner , I heard a knock from Aunt door mirror inside to see the community is responsible for receiving and delivering another holding a slightly larger than the previous one knocked on the door of cardboard boxes , my heart throb , I signed it , aunt asked me: Young man, you have Inner Mongolia relatives do, how delicious the total mailed to you Yeah , I never lied , and my heart was so nervous , just cope uttered “yes” , quickly signing the word to let him leave. Can not wait to open the carton , hateful , this cardboard boxes taped too tightly , good effort was opened, which is really good that I miss two days of clothes , work well, clothes sunset rays coming from the window in Next , the opposite of light , I take it to the bedroom , put the blue one first , then the second thing to wear white, and in the last one pulling cable , I was shocked surrounded by a strong sense of which really feel bound , I feel like a silkworm cocoon is a soft pack up such a strong sense of oppression is very soft and beautiful , I decided to wear a third thing , but I hardly see anything at this time less , and can only rely on hand to touch , touch the third dress , find the cable opening leg into it, stand up and lift , wear gloves when you want to find the right place for each finger is really a lot of trouble , always Can not find a suitable location , but this kind of trouble is very interesting , I like this feeling eager and always reach the end, and surrounded tighter, his hat on , groping to zip up , feeling their happiness has almost reached its peak , that very moment, the phone rang, I catch nearly climbed on the bed, picked up the telephone handset on the nightstand , “Hey ,” the voice of the handset which side since I wore three dresses and change too far away, the sound is also very small, but could hear the mother’s call, I answered a mother asked me: ” ? cold yet , how this sounds ,” I said yes , a little cold , but it does not matter much , the mother said they have two days to come back again , more attention to my body, my lips promised , and thought back or go latex clothing , so the family is my own world, I can wear tights just hanging around inside the home . Take calls , I lay quietly in bed , enjoying the good times , I thought, really enjoying this feeling , this attitude seems to be since childhood , I find a lot of books , read on many sites information , know this is called ” fetish “, however, I like pretty girls , and not a shred of “abnormal” psychology , I did not feel any different with others on life , learning, sports activities , I among peers are outstanding , really strange why they feel this way , but this feeling is so fascinating to me , so I’m intoxicated , maybe those psychologists who have not yet a good source of this kind of psychological research , I think , my hobbies are striving for , I do not disturb others , do not harm society , he felt loved , nothing bad , so I decided to keep the parents will have the opportunity reveal my secrets , gain their understanding .