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Holiday Touches For Lolita Outfits

The holidays are just around the corner and some of us are probably already heading to holiday parties, if not just trying to add some festivity to their outfits to get into the holiday spirit.

    Pick a print with a holiday motif. This is a surefire way to add some holiday touches to your outfit, but it's also the most expensive, and the least practical if you want a very versatile closet. Many brands will have, at one point or another, released either a Christmas themed print, or a winter-themed printed.  

    Go with jewel tones. Deep red and deep green are the iconic holiday colors, but other rich jewel tones can really set the mood for the holidays too! Jewel tones are rich, warm, colors that are perfect for this cold time of year.

    Choose velvets, satins, or brocades. Lustrous and luxurious fabrics are a great way to add some festivity to your outfit because they often have a "party dress" feel to them. If you can't justify getting a whole dress out of a lustrous fabric, try something like a high quality satin blouse or a velvet bolero to add a bit of luster to your outfit!

    Add some gold! This is probably the quickest and easiest way to add some holiday touches to your outfit. The best part about gold is that it can go well with most any color or style, and as a bonus, a few gold colored accessories can be picked up for a very cheap price! Try painting your nails gold to finish off the look! The Graceful Golden Gothic Victorian Dress is your best choice. It is made of Satin and others, which makes the dress more elegent and beautiful. It is floor length and it is very suitable for you to wear it to go to a party.

    Compliment your outfit with fur. Faux or not, fur adds a cozy wintertime look to any outfit. Anything from a fur stole, to a fur collar, to fur trim can add a little bit of winter warmth to an outfit!

    DIY something! Head out to the craft store and pick up some holiday craft supplies! Anything from faux poinsettia, to plastic glitter snowflakes even, to cute Christmas ornaments to turn into brooches or to perch in a hairstyle can be picked up relatively cheaply and turned into something cute! 


My Dreamy Dress

There aren't many dresses that I lust over but this one is one of them!

I just find it from This dress is designed with a two-layer skirt and square collar neckline which makes me look more elegant and beautiful.The white underskirt is trimmed with lace and two black ruffles on the top skirt for adding much loveliness for me.It is made of cotton. Very comfortable to wear. What's more, they tell me that i can do custom-made service. I can get the sizes that i want. The black and white colour is perfect combination, which is my dreamy colour.What's more, it just cost me $75.99. I love it very much. Just share it with you. 

By the way, my dear friends, do you also have your dreamy lolita dresses? It is also nice of you to share it with me. Let us make friends and do a fashionable person together.

Classic Lolita Dress

Hi guys, do you like classic lolita dress?
Grils in Classic Lolita dress look more elegant and noble, do you think so?

The dress ltem ID: TBPX120 is the top sell lolita dress from
The right picture belongs to one of our customers. 
Share you!! 

Ocrun Giveaway For September

Now we are having a new giveaway on our Facebook page, here is the activity content.
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Dress For Yourself

Happy Tuesday! I have a busy work week this week, planing to make the preparations of selling our products for September this year!  I am sooo excited, because many girls can get their favorite dresses at an affordable price. :)

One of my biggest goals for this September selling is to make a bigger sells and our customers will also can save their money to get lolita party dresses and some other gifts.

I have been making some plans and improve the detail parts as often as I can.

Many styles of lolita dress you can choose.


Victorian Dress

Hi guys,good day for you!
Time goes quickly, today is Saturday again!! How are you these days?

Do you have a dress for your important appointment?
Here you can choose from

Victorian Dress is a good choose for you!!


A Thought For The Day

I know what it's like to wear Lolita for the first time in public, it can be pretty nerve-wracking. So if you're wearing it for the first time, or if you often find yourself being too worried by what people will say or think of you, keep this in mind:

"I care not what others think of what I do, but I care very much about what I think of what I do. That is character!" - Benjamin Franklin.

I found that quote about a month ago, or maybe more, and posted it to Facebook, and I only realised the significance of it when related to Lolita fashion, or fashion which is out of the ordinary.

I was in town yesterday, and I couldn't count the amount of people who laughed, shouted, or sang a chorus of 'Mary Had A Little Lamb' (out of tune, too).  But, since I started wearing Lolita, which is almost a year and a half ago, I've learned a lot. I've learned that, to wear the fashion, one must have a tough shell. The Cotton Pink Sweet Lolita Blouse And Skirt is my first choice about lolita dress, which make me very comfortable and confident.

You can't decide to wear it, hear an insult, and run home bawling, you have to be prepared for it, and you have to prepare to deal with it, and it's usually best to ignore it. Remember, if you truly love what you're wearing, and if you know it looks nice, then don't let anyone put you off it.


Wanna Looks Slim

Whether you’re an Oscar nominee or a new mom with an upcoming high school reunion, these tricks will get you into that va-va-voom dress without splitting the seams.

You will need an anti-bloat mini-diet,a colonic irrigation,a lymphatic-drainage massage,a slenderizing body wrap,body-slimming undergarments,

Check with your doctor before embarking on any quick weight-loss technique. Losing too much weight too fast can be dangerous.

STEP 1 Get rid of the bloat

Get rid of the bloat. Four days before the big event, stop eating foods that encourage your body to retain water, like salt,white bread, and pasta, and foods that cause gas, like broccoli and cauliflower. And stay away from coffee, tea, alcohol, and carbonated beverages, which also can cause bloating by irritating your gastrointestinal tract.

Don’t chew gum—it makes you swallow air, which then gets trapped in your tummy, causing it to swell.

STEP 2 Get cleaned out

On the morning of your event, get a colonic irrigation. Some people are as much as seven pounds lighter afterward.

Some stars book themselves into a spa before the Oscars for a week of juice fasting and daily colonics.

STEP 3 Drain your face

Go for a facial—but not just any kind. Have one that includes a lymphatic-drainage massage, which will draw fluid and trace toxins out of your face, and puffiness along with it.

STEP 4 Wrap it up

Have a body wrap. The secret of many A-list stars, it can make you a whole size smaller—for your special night, anyway—by ridding your body of water weight and tightening the skin.

STEP 5 Pack it in

Add some insurance by wearing one of the many body-slimming undergarments on the market. That way, even if you abuse the canapes, you’ll still be safe!

Some slimming undergarments are made of a fabric that, with repeated wearing, supposedly reduces cellulite!


Gothic Style Lolita

Gothic Lolita is the by far most well-known Lolita style, and used to be the term that would refer to Lolitas of all the styles. 

However, with Lolita fashion becoming increasingly popular in the west, this mislabel is now somewhat rarer. 

Another term that is associated with Gothic Lolita is EGL, or Elegant Gothic Lolita. It specifically refers to a clothing line created by the brand Moi-même-Moitié.

Despite its gothic label, Gothic Lolita is rather different from the western version of goth. As with all Lolita styles, it's not very revealing, usually cute or elegant, and lacks the white powdered faces and black lipstick that may be found in western goth. 

There are two types of Gothic Lolitas: the traditional one that has come to symbolize the style as whole, and the one with visible gothic influences. 

The traditional Gothic Lolita wears plain black clothing with white lace; very much looking like a cute darker version of Ama Lolita. 

The secondary type is less 'cute', and has more influences from western goth fashion. Motifs such as crosses, bats, coffins are common. The clothing also breaks out from purely black, revealing colors such as wine, royal blue, deep plum, white, silver and gold (the latter two are usually used to accent prementioned colors).

Elegant Classic Lolita Dress

When it comes to classic dress, I'm always prefer strap design. 
Now you can guess why I share this elegant classic lolita dress with you.

The day before yesterday was my best friend Linyu's birthday. I joined her birthday party.

What most impressed me was an amazing dancing.

Some girls in this Elegant Classic Lolita Dress were the highlight of the crowd.

And I was deeply attracted...  ... 

I like the color Wine Red and  I like the style of this dress.

It features its strap and ruffles design. 
This dress looks more classical with buttons decoration.

All my friends know that I also like the color pink.

Three more color style of this classic lolita dress.

Will you try them?


Choose You Favorite Gown

Red and Black Sleeveless Gothic Prom Dress is full of mystery and lure, both Luxuriant and dark.  It is hard to resist about the red one, who can say you are not beautiful with it? Do something and have a try, this is just what you need. Don't hesitate anymore!

This sleeveless lolita dress features its bows design and multilayers. It's designed with ribbon cross tied at back and lace decoration. It's white and made of cotton.

Every girl has a princess dream, it is never too late to dress yourself as a princess if you want. This lolita dress can make you closer to your dream.

Ocrun’s mission is to provide our consumers and partners with products of high quality, low price, fast distribution and professional service. 

You can choose your favorite lolita clothes in our store.
We can make for you!!


New Arrival Dresses

Red Cotton White Dots Lace Sleeveless Sweet Girl Lolita Dress With Bow

Dress Length: Above length
Collar: Reference to the picture
Detailed Design:lace,bow,bandage
Material: cotton

This lolita dress is made of cotton. It features its lace and bandage design. You will look more beautiful and elegant in this dress!!

Each one is available for free customized,you can leave the bust, waist,hips and height to us. We will make the most comfortable lolita clothes for you. 

Also, three more colors of this dress, which color would you like ?


Strapless Spaghetti Strap Classic Style

Recently,our dress designers have designed a new fashion style lolita dress.
Please check the following pictures, I will share my comments on this new style!!

This wine red classic lolita dress is one of the most popular of these three dresses.

It's made of cotton.

Our dress designers have did a good market survey before they planed to design this special style lolita dress.

There are many girls love ruffles and cute bows decoration on their dresses. Also, when they plan to buy a dress, they often prefer dresses decorated with bows or ruffles.

I think these girls must be very cute, they like sweet style!

Another survey says that many girl also like bandage design. I also like this style!!

Hence, as what we can see in the picture, this lolita dress also features its bandage design on the waist and this dress is high waist.

Last, some other girls are always fond of sexy style. How about you?

This lolita dress is sleeveless and it has strapless spaghetti strap design. Good style!!

The bow on the chest is very cute.

Also, I like the buttons decoration in front of chest. 
How about you?

Ruffles design is a very popular.
It can make dress looks more elegant and beautiful.

I like this style very much.
How about you?
The next two dresses are same style except color.



Rare Discount From

Hi guys,how is everything going with you these days ?
Today I will share you a good news from

In order to thank our loyal customers, Ocrun will send out $10 coupons to every customers who shopped from before.

This $10 coupons can only be used to buy Victorian Dress from
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Come on,guys! Let's choose a  Victorian party Dress for ourselves!!


Picture Of Lolita Style

Hi guys, how are you these days?
Today is Friday again, it seems that time always goes quickly.

Today I want to share you some pictures of lolita style.
These pictures do not look extremely nice but they are all made by me. 

I think I love these clothes. I share them with you, hope you can like lolita style.

The following are pictures of lolita style:

I like this red plaid sweet lolita dress. It's cute!!

This sweet lolita dress is very nice!! Do you think so ?

I like black and white cotton bloomers!!  

This Lolita dress is my favorite style!!

Lolita skirts and blouses are popular among girls? Will you try them?

Victorian dress is also very popular. Girls in Victorian dress always looks more noble and elegant!!

This red dress is also Victorian style. 

Nice! Like all of them!! 


Love Standards

Love is like a crystal, clean, cool thoroughly, but also reflecting the bright colorful. It is tough, but also vulnerable, either to enjoy whatever they want, and need careful care.
When you have love, you are happy, you can have is a refraction own crystal, which will bring you a priceless sense of responsibility and power, but also give you the courage and new life.
True love may not only romantic encounter, warm attract, intoxicating sweet words and surging passion. Perhaps more tolerance should be broad and deep, subtle affection, love and silent Apprehension expression. As the shuttle in the herring lotus blossom, lotus brilliant when when herring was quietly swimming in the water.
When the lotus decline, the herring but also give you a string of fresh breath. Maybe when you go for when full of flowers, you never noticed the presence of herring, but once you’ve been tempted to recover long look, you’ll find herring flavor to your already overflowing every context. As long a pair of normal eyes, anyone can see that the surface of the lotus. However, only the hearts of people who have eyes to see the water herring ah!

Be able to listen to your inner voice, to understand each other’s feelings, so-called love of rhythm, is to rely on the two sides to adjust to be able to co-master.

My boyfriend knows I like lolita skirts, specially to buy a lolita dress from lolita dress is puff sleeves designed with bandages in front.
I think that love not rely on the visual eye, but by a gentle and sentimental heart; happiness is spiritual feelings, rather than marital status.
When you know how to cherish themselves, cherish others, is to have a happy greatest wealth.