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The ways to Wear Gothic Lolita dress properly

Nowadays, the Lolita dress can be divided into sweet love Lolita, classic Lolita, gothic Lolita. Whatever the style it is, lolita is far more than a trend of clothes, but a way for young people to express emotions or a defense for self-protection owing to lack of confidence. A psychologist once said the youth was at a period of self-reorganization and confusion. They possessed with innocence and dreams and aspiration for getting rid of the reality so as to seek for the egos. As a result, they show off their personalities to against with the tradition. But in fact, they expect to be taken care of, understood agreed and accepted in the deeper heart. Because of these reasons, Lolita has become popularity for not only meeting the needs of female but also attracting eyes of the males. The formers are the best expression of narcissistic complex while the latter are appreciations for the beauty. This may be why the Lolita dress has become a fashion all over the world.

The mixture of gothic style as well as Lolita features is called gothic Lolita. It is an important branch of the Lolita dress and a wider expression of Lolita by the fashion world. Compared with sweet love Lolita, this kind owes less innocence but with more horrible elegance and delicate temperament. The gothic Lolita refers to the European loyal gothic dolls’ dress featuring in black and white colors which gives an impression of a combination of both angel and devil. This kind of dress is popular among office lady for its cold beauty and maturity.Just like this Black Cotton Gothic Lolita Dress.

The features of this kind Lolita are white and black dress with dark cosmetics, and large silver accessories. The lace skirt is dotted with a large amount of flower hem which is usually adopted the mystery and horrified as well as dark atmosphere in the Middle Age. The woman who wears this kind uses black nail enamel and wear silver cross. By making up like this, the woman was added up with mysterious romance and poetic expression. It is also the pursuit of gothic Lolita.